Difference between Online and Live Dealer Versions of Video Poker Game


For many years, poker has remained one of the popular casino games among the worldwide players. the world famous casinos of Tropicana, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay and Trump Towers along with many more have highlighted the entertainment of poker games with full of glory. At any time during the morning or night, players of poker games are capable for cashing in on the exciting actions, along with betting amounts customized with bankrolls of the players.

The standard limits of the players and the tables of the high rollers will be available readily. In addition, the players can also able to compete with each other for getting the poker jackpots, which are available for offer. This may takes place particularly with the new players that will feel uncomfortable to play against the expert poker players. This is known as Intimidation Factor, which proves to be the main reason that most of the newly joined poker players use to avoid the table games at casinos. Instead of this, they will mainly go for playing the different versions of video poker game.

Video Poker Games are Advantages over Table Games

Video Poker games are offered at online gambling spots in different sizes and shapes. The poker games primarily incorporate a large number of favorite games as Jokers Wild (JW), Jacks or Better (J/B), Deuces Wild (DW), Double Joker, Tens or Better (T/B), Cyber Stud (CS) and many more. The advantages of playing these poker versions is that the games can be played without the presence of the dealers as compared to table games played at land-based gambling spots.

The rules involved in playing these poker variants are also highlighted in a format, which can be understand easily by the players. The betting amounts are also provided in accordance with the expectations of the players. Moreover, players are allowed to withdraw their winning amounts and quit the game whenever they want to do so. The versions of video poker games are categorized among the excellent paying casino games having massive payout percentages.

Live Versions of Poker Games by using Streaming Techniques of Website Cameras or Webcams

A combination between the online poker games and land-based table poker games has resulted in the invention of live version of poker games. Since these types of poker games will require very highly sophisticated software’s for managing the entire gambli9nmg operations, so, this has become the domain of majority of the well-known software companies.

On the part of their actions, players are required to select the live-dealer version of online poker games by the help of their website cameras, which are abbreviated as webcams. During the present times, one of the poker games, who has dominated among all the other variants is known as Texas Hold’em. This is considered as one of the well-known and popular poker game across all parts of the world. Players are allowed to play this game from their homes along with the live dealer versions in a comfortable manner.

888poker casino has conducted Poker Cams, which is one of the exclusive live poker entries, for which players are allowed to utilize their webcams to enjoy online poker games. In addition, by the diminishing trustworthiness and safety of Random Number Generators or RNG’s, players are now switching towards playing live dealer versions of poker in their own groups. Live dealer versions in poker games are played at secured locations only. The dealers will be present under observable managers of casino and all the games will occur at real time. In addition to this, stage has also provided for having entertainment for all three platforms of poker games as live dealer poker, online poker and land-based poker.