Live Online Blackjack Games offered at Live Dealer Casinos


With the inception of Live Dealer casinos, the casino world began its fan. Live Dealer Casinos hold the pride of being the first group of online casino games where the new and advanced gaming methods retains the interest of the players with bringing a feel of playing at the traditional casinos as well.

  • Advantages to play Online Blackjack at Live Dealer casinos
  • In Live Dealer Blackjack, the games are dealt by the dealer
  • Players get the feel to play with the other real players in the game
  • In this game, players can watch the live dealing of the cards through a webcam
  • Differentiating between Online Blackjack and Live dealer Blackjack Games

In the traditional and online blackjack games, players may feel it boring to play with few hundred co-players on the unappealing and flat gaming tables; whereas, the Live Dealer Casinos make them enjoy real casino gaming against a real dealer. Even, players also get the chance of being socialize with other players at the game. This changed environment does not reflect any sort of compromise with the gaming ethics, whereas the Live Dealer Casinos promise to offer standard online blackjack games to its players. However, there is a considerable difference between a solitaire game and a live blackjack game.

The blackjack gaming software of average level is a bit cartoon style and animated, whereas one can check the exact opposite features in the live casinos. Here, you do not need to play on the flat and two-dimensional gaming table. On the other hand, you can enjoy casino gaming with a real blackjack, craps and baccarat table even with enjoying the comforts from the home. The live dealer games not only enable the players to play with the real persons at the gaming table, but they can also observe the spin of the wheel or the turn of the cards by their opponents. This is the main reason why players consider Live Blackjack Games or Live Dealer Games as the most fun giving games.

The best Online Live Dealer Casinos offer blackjack games with several other games as well like pai gow, sic bo, baccarat and roulette. The reviews for each casino room available on Internet and Casino websites help the players during their gaming at live blackjack games.

Live Dealer Casino and playing Live Blackjack Games

Live Blackjack Games is just like playing other blackjack casino game. The only difference in both the games is that in Live dealer Games, you get to watch your cards through web cams, as here the cards are dealt and played by the real casino dealer. Before playing, you are required to register with opening an account and making deposit at the live dealer casino.

After getting your account funded, you can join your preferred gaming table to play. There can be variations in stakes with the tables and it starts from $1 for every bet that can go up to $100. In the game, you are no longer able to place any bet until the dealer completes the current hand. As players need to make their gaming decisions; hence, there becomes some waiting time for the players during the hands. However, the timeframe is equal for all hands as with brick and mortar games. Thus, this requires the players to be patient during the game.

Players get the instructions before the starting of the new hand so that they can place their bets. After the placement of all bets, the live dealer deals the cards from a shoe facing up a single car to her. The rest of the game is played as per the strategy implemented similar to the traditional blackjack game.